As with our furniture, all our details contain something that is not perfect.This is not a defect, that is what makes it human and unique.
All our furnitures are handpicked with love in Rajasthan.They are either “one-of-a-kind” vintage pieces, or made by hand using reclaimed materials.
As with our furniture and details, most of our textiles come in limited editions. The patterns and colours may vary over time, but we always try to use traditional handicraft techniques supporting both the environment and the local villages in India.

GUECHO vintage bench in teak 152 cm

GUECHO vintage bench in teak 152 cm

Old vintage bench in teak. The bench has been carefully renovated on site by artisans in India. All paint has been removed and all surfaces have been sanded clean and smooth. No surface treatment has taken place after that so the surfaces have a wonderfully matte and soft finish while the charm of the old teak is retained. The bench is the perfect size for a hallway as extra seating when having lots of people at home. The bench has just that unique character that only old wood can have! Where what is imperfect in our eyes is what is perfect.







In stock

In stock

ONE-OF-A-KIND, Vintage Furniture originally made in India by master craftsmen, now handpicked on site and refurbished with care to make each item one of a kind.

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