As with our furniture, all our details contain something that is not perfect.This is not a defect, that is what makes it human and unique.
All our furnitures are handpicked with love in Rajasthan.They are either “one-of-a-kind” vintage pieces, or made by hand using reclaimed materials.
As with our furniture and details, most of our textiles come in limited editions. The patterns and colours may vary over time, but we always try to use traditional handicraft techniques supporting both the environment and the local villages in India.


As our assortment comes out best in real life, the best method is to visit our store in Mallorca for selection and purchase.

It is however also possible to buy our products online and either pick them up yourself or together with us select best possible delivery option.
Smaller items are normally sent with DHL, either to the closest service point or directly to your home. When it comes to bigger items we always request a quote from our partners for you to accept before finalising the order.

Terms of payment

For online purchases you can choose between direct bank transfer and PayPal, in our shop we accept most credit cards as well as direct bank transfer.

When purchasing online you’re accepting Soulosofies general conditions and the PayPal conditions (when using PayPal).

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to payment and delivery.