As with our furniture, all our details contain something that is not perfect.This is not a defect, that is what makes it human and unique.
All our furnitures are handpicked with love in Rajasthan.They are either “one-of-a-kind” vintage pieces, or made by hand using reclaimed materials.
As with our furniture and details, most of our textiles come in limited editions. The patterns and colours may vary over time, but we always try to use traditional handicraft techniques supporting both the environment and the local villages in India.
vintage furniture mallorca

Vintage Furniture Mallorca


Furniture with a story

Each furniture in Soulosofie´s vintage furniture Mallorca collection carries its own story and each region of India adds its characteristics to the craft. In Gujarat, the furniture is often colorful and in the south ornamented. In the early 1900s the handicraft was influenced strongly by the colonial times, as you can clearly see in the more clean and simple shapes. Each product is hand-picked and each renovation is done with great care on location in Rajasthan. Wood is mostly recycled teak/sheesam.
The age varies in the range between 70-20 years in most cases. 

– Each product contains something that is not perfect. It is not a defect, that is what makes it human and unique.

One of a kind

Furniture originally made in India by master craftsmen, or brought to India during the British colonial rule area. Now handpicked on site and refurbished with care to make each item one of a kind vintage furniture


Our cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes. Antique black, grey, blue or natural teak – all for a unique personal look.


Small or big, with or without glass, in our beautiful vintage colours or just plain natural teak. And of course all with their own personality.


Most of our tables have previously served as market tables, and are therefore foldable. They come in all wood or wood and iron. The sizes vary from small coffee tables to big dining tables with a story.

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